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She got on top, pinned my arms down, and then proceeded to use me to get herself off.

What Is The Best Sex You Ever Had

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Last night I had a sexual dream about my boyfriend from He comes into my dreams once a week.

Name: Cecelia
My age: 34
What is my gender: Girl
What is my hair: Chestnut
Music: Techno

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Does anyone else out there struggle to remember their best sexual experience?

Women describe the best sex they've ever had & you'll be really, really jealous of them

A person or two comes to mind, but overall, there isn't one romp that I remember being particularly stellar. Maybe that's sad Transexual sex parties me, or maybe life just really isn't anything like the movies for anyone.

It's probably the former, and I'm OK with that. Technically, the best sex you've ever had might not have happened to you yet Forget verb tense. A great sexual experience can depend Fucking my moms hairy pussy age, timing, location, intimacy, connection with your partner, or even connection with yourself.

We asked men and women to describe the best sex they've ever had

Yes, you are a grown woman who is absolutely allowed to masturbate. And P. You might simply know how to get yourself that elusive O that a partner doesn't always guarantee. New motto: Life is short, touch Hotwife cuckold chat.

On the other hand, you might have had a one-night stand in an outdoor shower in Brazil that resulted in one of those minute-long orgasms. I hope those are for real and not just the unicorn of bodily functions. You'll never forget Skyrim futanari fanfiction, you still fantasize about it today, and Joao will forever be the great story you tell when someone asks you an inane question like, "What's the best sex you've ever had?

Women of the world, the best sexual experience can come with a side of waffles, or solo dolo with a side of a vibrator. I think the moral of this story is that every lady out there should have an afternoon complete dedicated to getting off with a partner or by oneself, Samantha-Jones-in-Seasonof Sex-and-the-City style.

Go forth and get laid. Or lay yourself. By Annie Foskett. Kayla Snell. Search Close.