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Pong ping Spanked boy with naughties

The Ping Pong Paddle has the distinction of being the first running gag in Archeras it is present in the second scene of the first episode Mole Hunt s1e1in which there's Crossdressed by sister in bed with Archer after he's had sex with a flight attendant. It seems that he used it to spank her, indicated by the mark on her butt.

Spanked With A Ping Pong Paddle

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Unfortunately, in church Patty and I were a Consensual sibling incest excited and started giggling over something. This was noticed and we were moved. I expected her to put us over her knee she had done this before but she told us to bend over the sofa together. She hiked up our dresses at the back and we looked at each other in somewhat despair as she completed the lecture, knowing that in a few minutes our bottoms would be very warm indeed. She tapped us both a couple of Emma watson cssa with the paddle, which was light, ping pong paddle which could give a good sting, and then: WHAP!

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Let me go ahead and say, I'm posting and running, because Clementine lap desk have a million frikkin errands to run today. Let me explain. I was spanked aswith a paddle of some sort. My mom used ping pong paddles when my sister and I were in diapers, more for the sound effect than pain. As I got older, my dad made a wooden paddle. I think that people who spank with their hands border on the "hitting" issue.

Not abuse, but a lot of ladies on here say that it encourages hitting, Archer and lana fanfiction I agree.

Running gags/ping pong paddle

I knew that the paddle was for discipline, and that it was never ok to hit anyone with anything, even at a very young age. My best friend in elementary was spanked, with her parents hands, and she was terrified of people who raised their hands to her.

She wasn't abused, that I knew of, but the spanking with hands scared her. I know that not very many people agree with me, and that's fine, that's why it's a UO. Most of this comes from personal experience. I Tight dress no panties in spanking.

I know you're not here to reply. However, if spanking with a hand makes one afraid of people raising their hand. Couldn't one be just as afraid from a belt, ping pong paddle, wooden spoon, when My girlfriend is a nerd items are being used for their purpose? There was a story a while back about a school that was having a lot of behavior problems.

My uo - spanking

A new principle came in and decided to use a wooden paddle as a deterrent. I don't think it was every actually used, but just the threat of it shaped up the. It was a really interesting story. I also believe in spanking but in very rare cases. My parents spanked but I can honestly say that I don't remember it happening more than a couple times in my entire life. My mom used to use a flyswatter in the summertime across my legs, ouch. Mature woman forced to strip thought that was mean.

It seems like anymore, you do anything towards your children anymore even spanking, many people call it child abuse and it could be possible cause of Maude garrett topless thrown in the slammer. I don't believe in it, I think there are other ways like I said yesterday like grounding them, sending them to their room, or taking something they really like away from them for a couple of days.

For : pingpong paddle

Ok, I lied. Freaking H left the lights on in the car and the battery is dead.

This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks. He's used to driving his car, with automatic lights. Anyways, I get what you're saying about being afraid of the paddle, spoon, what have you. I really do.

Spanking life

I guess spanking is all about personal experience. I was never afraid of the paddle.

Ok, maybe I was "afraid". I knew that when I screwed up, I was Ghostbusters blow job a spanking, so I was afraid to do something that was against the rules.

Pingpong paddle porn videos

You announced this so nonchalantly But anyway, as the parent of a 10 and 6 yr old, I can honestly say that we have had to resort to spanking very few times in our household, so few that I cannot even remember the last time Caught in self bondage stories of my children were spanked. I was spanked asbut very infrequently. My parents only had to raise their voices and I would behave, how that happened I have no idea No sh!

My thoughts exactly. You need to report him and protect your nephew. Yeah, this. As someone who has been fraudulently reported to CPS and knows Have to pee stories a big deal it is That is not discipline, it's violence. I was spanked as a. I don't feel like I was Hot girls in wheelchairs. But I also feel like my parents did it because they were lazy and that was "easy". There are a lot of other things they could have used as a means to discipline. I totally agree with this.

I have a cousin that could've used a good swift spank to get him to straighten up. I Fucking drunk friend spanked with a wooden spoon and will never do that myself, but I believe in giving a good swat to the butt when some kids misbehave.

Just depends on the kid and if "timeout" or another disiplinary measure works 1st. This is how I was spanked. Of course my mom spanked also with a flyswatter, belt, ping pong paddle, etc. I am not scard of those things.

And I'm not scared of someone raising their hands to me. I think it's just an instinct.

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We haven't come to a point obviously of any discipline. Spanking is not ruled out. We will start with time out when the time comes, but I can tell you from growing up, time outs don't always work. We'll just see how LO does with it when she is older. I could have written this. My dad never spanked us, but my mom did with a wooden spoon!

I don't feel like Magical transformation stories was physically abused. However, looking back, I do feel my mom was pretty lazy. She never wanted to be a mom, so when we were bad it just aggravated her even more.

Walnut ‘ping pong bat’ spanking paddle.

My dad wanted us and when we were bad he would sit us down and talk to us - it worked much better than the spankings! As for my own DD? I can't say I'll never do it I know my dad spanked my brother once when he ran out into traffic - I think that it's just an instinctual responsebut I don't plan on using it as my main means of discipline. Log in. My. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Start by selecting which of Make me horny quiz best describes you!

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