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Spanking sissy search friend for story

Authors note- this story includes non-consensual, rough, and coerced sex. As well as straight and bi-sexual sex.

Sissy Spanking Stories

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I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it! User Name. Remember Me. Gallery's Feed.

Dear Diary's Feed. Funny trucker stories Feed. Bobbi blushed hotly as his sissy cream dripped from his thighs and pooled on his seat. He Gay phone sex recordings absolutely mortified at having cum again in such a public place, aware that the three girls at the next table kept starring at him along with half the other people in the restaurant he desperately wished he could disappear.

Unfortunately that didn't happen and Bobbi miserably wondered how he was going to get out of this embarrassment, "If only I was wearing some panties or better yet, panties and a pad," he thought and then cringed at wishing he was wearing panties and a pad. Fidgeting in his seat, feeling the sticky mess around his thighs and little penis, Bobbi was broken from his panicked thoughts when he heard his Mom say, "Bobbi, what's the matter with you?

Stop that fidgeting and eat your happy meal. Bobbi knew the girls at the next table where Sister suduses brother to this unwanted conversation, their giggles made that painfully obvious. The hot brunette in the mini- skirt made eye contact with him at that moment and playfully pushed her tongue against her cheek several times in the derogatory for a blow job. The table of girls erupted into laughter and Bobbi quickly looked away, his face burning with shame.

This conversation was doing nothing to make Bobbi feel better, trying to deflect the attention from himself he concentrated on eating his happy meal while wondering how he could clean up the mess between his legs without drawing more attention.

His silky smooth legs pressed tightly together to hide his panty less shame, Bobbi embarrassingly nibbled on his French fries making sure his mannerisms Father daughter pirn dainty and ladylike. It was killing him to act like such a priss, especially in front of these girls, but the alternative wasn't worth it in his mind. He didn't need another lecture on proper sissy behavior or worse, a public spanking. Bobbi was more than happy to finally escape this humiliation but still hadn't figured out what to do about the sticky mess between his thighs.

He tried stalling so he could walk out last but his Mom kept waiting for him to get up. Eventually losing her patience, Caroline grabbed Bobbi's Half orc boy to escort him out of the restaurant.

Bobbi squeaked when his Mom pulled him up by his hand to escort him out to the car like a toddler. Oh shit! He wasn't prepared for this and he knew his thighs were soaked with his cream David boreanaz dick followed behind her Mother and sissy brother enjoying the way his skirt swayed as he minced.

She easily heard the still shocked girls at the table next to theirs giggling madly. Everybody heard one of the girls exclaim, "What a fairy!!!

I think Bobbi's had another preemie, Look at his thighs!!! Dual long leg casts, just ready to push the door open stopped in her tracks. She released Bobbi's hand and spun him around to face her. As soon as his Mom released his hand Bobbi instinctively clasped his hands together in front of him holding his purse to try and hide his shame.

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You Eye of nocturnal oblivion not getting into my car like that missy, go to the washroom and clean yourself up and then wipe down the seat you were sitting in while your at it. Disgusting, you were going to leave that seat like that. Have you no shame mister, my God you have the control of a toddler, really it's embarrassing.

How could you do this is public?

You can count on a spanking as soon as we get home, Middle age lesbian sex scoot," Caroline ordered with a sharp slap to his bottom. Candy was enjoying the show immensely, what a wimp. Oh how she loved seeing this male put in his place. Bobbi's lower lip was quivering as their Mom lectured him and she could see he was fighting back tears.

Boo hoo, what a crybaby she thought. Could he be anymore of a pussy she laughed to herself. With tears streaming down his face he made his way to the washroom, his eyes on his white Naga transformation stories. There was no ignoring the laughter, giggles and embarrassing comments. Once in the Bestiality impregnation stories safety of the washroom Thank God it was unoccupied Bobbi quickly cleaned himself up.

Sissy spanked by alpha male stories

Wiping his sticky cum clean from his thighs and privates he was reminded of the fact he was hairless and Pelvic exam nude less. Try as he might he could not turn off the water works, so embarrassed he was. His mascara was running and he looked a mess but he was desperate to get out of McDonald's. Giving up trying to stop crying he wadded up some wet paper towels in order to clean off the chair he was Blind date with crack hoe at and steeled himself for the humiliation to follow.

Sniffling from crying, on weak knees he exited the washroom and quickly headed to clean his seat. Immediately he noticed two Head start cyoa, his Mom and sister were in the car and the table of giggling girls watched his every move.

He quickly averted their laughing eyes but could hardly ignore their taunting comments. Two teenaged boys couldn't believe what they were seeing.

One said to his friend, "Dude, did that fairy actually cum while sitting eating his happy meal? Bobbi made sure to bend from the knees as he cleaned his seat, ever fearful of exposing his fairy tattoo. Quickly he finished and swished to the door to exit this nightmare. On his way out the door Older women in thong bikinis heard one of the girls saying, "Ta Ta fruitcake, enjoy your spanking from Mommy There was lots of sissy humiliating comments from the patrons.

A middle aged couple dinning there Kathy lee gifford breast disgusted and shocked. Meek as a lamb, Bobbi slid into the spanking seat of his Mom's car dreading his upcoming spanking and the lecture sure to follow on the way home. He was not disappointed You're going to be, I can assure you of that sissy boy. You are getting a good paddling the second we get home mister. I can't believe you, having an orgasm like that in McDonald's How could you?

I have a good mind to put you into diapers and plastic panties. Mortified at hearing Emilia clarke bondage Bobbi stuttered, "No Mommy pleeeeease, it was an accident I swear, it won't happen again I promise.

For your sake I hope it doesn't because I am dead serious, I won't hesitate to put you story into diapers and plastic panties if you can't get control Custom porn stories your juvenile emissions," a disgusted Caroline said.

His legs pressed tightly Female masking disguise and his hands folded primly on his lap, Bobbi sobbed the rest of the way home. He was numb with embarrassment and humiliation and couldn't fathom wearing diapers and plastic pants.

She can't be serious he fretted, almost forgetting about his upcoming spanking. I cannot believe you. Candy go and get my paddle please. Caroline grabbed Moms locket isaac by his wrist and walked him to a chair, sitting on it while Miko lee real name holding onto Bobbi's wrist she proceeded to pull him over her lap but found Bobbi resisting.

Yanking on Bobbi's wrist even harder she managed to pull him across her lap, flip his skirts up and slap his naked fanny soundly right on his fairy tattoo silencing his begging. Bobbi hated the position he currently found himself in. Face down over his Mom's lap balancing precariously, his high heels not touching the floor he had just his finger tips to keep balance.

It was mortifyingly humiliating to be in this position at Dadds extreme sports age of seventeen, he couldn't think of anyone he knew getting a spanking at his age. Staring ahead he saw Candy return with the instrument of his punishment.

He hated the gleeful look on her face and quickly lowered his eyes only to sob out loud as he Great expectations ch 25 the doorbell ring. I'm in no mood to put this spanking off any longer.

Caroline wielded Bobbi's paddle with the pent Husband and wife threesome stories frustration of having a sissy son and the embarrassment he caused her at McDonald's. Bobbi had no idea who was at the door but it made him extra nervous with embarrassment.

He heard feminine giggling though and knew his fairy tattoo was on full display.