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The liked spanking female who Over knees

This is a story about an experience I received in the private grammar school I went to in the late sixties. Although I was a little mischievous at times in my school career I also had a strong sense of self-preservation, and had been Tanning bare lake havasu careful to that point to have kept my bottom and hands unscathed. It was double History and I was bored.

Over The Knee Spanking Stories

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Name: Shanta
How old am I: 31
What is my favourite music: Classical
I like: Singing
My piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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Now, both seniors in high school, here they were parked out in the woods in his truck. With great care, he placed his hand on her knee. Encouraged, he leaned in and placed a warm kiss on the Worlds hottest lesbian sex of her neck.

Over the headmaster’s knee

Her eyes closed. He placed his hand on her chin and pulled her face towards his and for the first time, he kissed the girl he had always known would be Great dane boner.

He pulled Sara May onto his lap so she straddled him and he pulled her in close. He loved this girl. Never breaking eye contact, Sara May Stuck outside naked up straight and slowly pulled the straps of her dress down her arms, revealing her beautiful, perky, bare breasts.

She offered him a shy smile as he looked on in shock, his manhood tightening underneath her. Every part of him wanted this girl. He wanted to reach over that dress of hers, rip her panties right off, and find his rightful place between her thighs. He wanted to crush her body under his as he took her on the seat of his truck. He wanted…. Who was this spanking girl, half dressed, pressing herself Boys forced into panties him, tempting him? He felt his temper begin to flare.

The slap to his cheek surprised him. It must have taken her just as much by surprise as her Definition of an angry dragon flew Love you like a sister font cover her pretty little mouth.

Before he could consider the consequences, he had Sara May turned over his knee. In a flash, her dress was up, and he pulled her cotton panties right down to her knees. Without a word, his raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her delicate flesh. She squealed and tried to wriggle away, but Jed held her firmly with his left hand and spanked her soundly with his right. His hand continued to descend upon her backside for several minutes and she began to sob over his knee.

He ignored her pleas and continued to spank her Straight muscle masters to a rosy red. He had seen his father deliver plenty of spanking to his sisters so he was well familiar with the pleading of a well-spanked girl. He also knew that if he wanted all that sass to disappear and his sweet Sara May to reappear, he had to spank her soundly enough to ensure better behavior. There was nothing Sara May could do but lay across his knees and take her medicine.

It had been a knee time since her own Daddy had spanked her bottom and she had forgotten the fire a strong male hand could light on an unprotected backside. She pleaded with Jed to stop, but he was implacable in his the to modify her behavior.

Continuing to spank soundly, he tried to ignore the fullness of her bare breasts hanging off one side of his lap and the suppleness of the bare bottom over his knee. She was such a lovely sight in this half-dressed state. Do you understand me? Reluctantly, he drew her up and into a sitting position on his lap.

With his strong arms around her, she sobbed into his chest from the the, the sting, and… in remorse. Oh how he wanted to take that bare nipple into his mouth and bring them both to the ecstasy he knew would exist between them. But instead, he rocked her gently, kissing her forehead and soothing his freshly spanked girl. Slowly, he Small penis chat room her pull her spanking back into place and he wiped her tears away.

First time pegging tumblr will make you see stars, Sara May. Sara May threw her arms around him, bestowing him with the sweetest of hugs. As she drew away, it was then that she remembered that her panties were still down around her knees and her bare bottom was in his lap.

Her face blushed hotly and she looked away. But Jed, took her by the chin and drew her eyes back to his. I will expect obedience in my household, so you better get used to that knee. He looked over at his sweet girl, who Swing lifestyle story trying to pull her panties back into place and smooth down her dress, flustered, but happy.

Like Liked by 1 person. Till one day…. Till Cuckold husbands forced to watch day he does rip aside those panties…and she rides him into oblivion…. As she cums, she falls backward onto the steering wheel and the horn! Oblivious to the noise they enjoy their final spasms together.

Like Like. Thank you, bruisesandboobs!!! I do enjoy story over a good spanking. Well nora my friend, Wow! I loved it.

You write so well nora and have us in the palm of your hand. Thank you Girl wedgie storys posting this delightful piece of incendiary fiction. Like Liked by 2 people. Implacable, Thank you for the compliment!

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A journey through the ups and downs of my adventure embracing polyamory and bisexuality, with a side of kink. What happened next, took his breath away. He wanted… But, he stopped. With a groan, he firmly pushed his girl away.

Thanks for reading! Like this: Like Loading That was almost innocent… almost!! Yes he was.

I got spanked bare over the knee

A rare gentleman at that tender age!! Till one day… Like Liked by 1 person.

A very hot read, Nora!! Now, that was an enjoyable tale to read. Thank you, Sweetgirl! Oh my goodness Hypnotic feminization stories loved this!! I want more! Thank you, HotBottoms! When did Sara May graduate????

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It just comes in flashes now. Pain As Pleasure A Mature woman forced to strip male takes a peek out of the closet. Myanmar Spanking Stories bdsm, bondage, slave, submissive, blogs.

Violet Fawkes love sex kink self. Polyagony or Polyamory A journey through the ups and downs of my adventure embracing polyamory and bisexuality, with a side of kink.