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Rahul is only Rahul is the only child of wealthy modern couple at Calcutta.

Name: Sharla
Years: 34
Ethnicity: I'm ethiopian
What is my gender: Fem

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This story from Luckyguy2 has been read 2 6 7 7 1 times. Mom pissed on me Written by Luckyguy2ongenre Star wars hapes consortium I was 16 at the time. My mother was super hot and liked to drink as well.

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Well i came home after a night of partying and drinking When i stumbled in the door she was sitting on the couch watching tv. She saw i was really drunk and i couldnt even make it up the stairs. She was mad but in her drunk stage didnt bitch to much at me. She got up and helped me up the stairs and said i Sucking the bosses dick to get in the shower to clean up.

But that was a job i wasnt up for so she said she would help me. She got me undressed and into the bathroom. Turned on the water and tried to get me in.

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Wasnt happening. She got naked and helped me in the shower. My cock got hard at the site of her naked. I was holding onto her at the Mother daughter incest sstories and would let my hands slide around to her ass. She started washing me and when she grabbed my cock i almost shot my load right then. I told her if she kept that up i was going to cum. But she didnt let it go and within a few more strokes i shot cum all over her.

My knees were weak and i had to sit or fall down. So i sat in the shower looking at her shaved pussy. I couldnt help myself and Black mom creampie reach up and touch her pussy.

She moaned and said to keep doing that. So i started to finger her and when i licked her clit she had a mind blowing orgasm. What she did next made me what i am today.

Mommy’s little peepee – part 2 got pee

I was sitting ther leaning back. And she walk over my head and started pissing on me. I dont know why but i opened my mouth and took her piss in. I got hard in a instant. When she was done pissing. She got me up.

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Wash me again and took me to her bed. She was sucking my cock as soon as i got on the bed. And then crowded on top of me and we fucked till i came in her pussy. She wasnt done with me. She crowded up to my face and Women measuring dicks her pussy dripping my cum right to my mouth.

God it was the hottest thing ever.

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I was being fed my own cum right out of my mothers pussy. When she had another orgasm. She rolled off my face and we both went to sleep. When i woke up. She was still asleep and facing away from me. I took my cock and put it on her ass. She Bdsm slut wife not this morning and to get into the shower. Which i did.

I was stroking my hard cock when she came in and said to Wwe jackies shirt comes off on my knees. I got another great teaste if her piss and jacked off on the shower floor. It happened alot after that. And now im always wanting to get pissed on after sex.

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