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Originally posted by thefoxandspice. The flagstone was cold beneath your Late night erotic massage feet, every noise echoed off of it as it was made. The slap of your feet, the thud of boots following closely behind, laugher and giggles, panted breaths from more than just the running. Your head was spinning with each step, each wild beat of your heart beneath your ribcage as you played this game of cat and mouse.

Name: Alidia
My age: I am 40
Nationality: Austrian
My gender: Woman
Hair: Short scraggly fair hair
My figure type: My figure features is quite slim
I like to drink: Tequila
I have piercing: None

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We have added another rule, please check the Rules post for more information. See here for more information. ed: Apr 13, Messages: 9, Likes Received: 43, Show All. GuilhermeFCardozo You're awesome. Sep 16, Jamiah Wilkins Hey TroyX, it's nice to see you back!

I just saw your update on Etherscape and I can't wait to see what you'll do for the Ascensions! Sep 6, TheShadowyParasiteSpectralTimelevert1 and 2 others like this. TroyX Thanks! SpectralTime and levert1 like this. Jamiah Wilkins Hey TroyX, it's me again! Just wondering what you've been up to recently. Have any new updates on the Ascensions lately? Jun 7, EvilhippyTroyX and levert1 like this. TroyX Afraid not, been stuck video gaming! Naruto supergirl lemon fanfictionlevert1 and Jamiah Wilkins like this.

Apr 21, TroyX likes this. TroyX Hey, Sex dolls getting fucked for the late reply!

Query breakdown by subreddit comments

Haven't been on QQ in a couple of weeks. AoE is supreme, he's fiat unbeatable.

Anael is one step below AoE and being Amaranth wouldn't make him any more powerful. Take all that with a grain of salt though, because that is Troyverse cosmology, and when you mix two authors' cosmologies together, it's kinda up to you how they interact.

May 7, I really like your style for CYOAs, but it does make the images kind of First gay experience tumblr pain to reverse search. Mar 28, Cause if so kek.

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Mar Naked body surfing, TheShadowyParasite and TroyX like this. TroyX No, I plan to write more. What's ificant about 72k words? Jamiah Wilkins Hey Troy it's me!

Just wondering what you've been up to lately. Any news on the ascensions? Jan 19, TroyX Hey, nothing really new sorry. Jamiah Wilkins likes this. Evilhippy I just gotta say, your CYOA's are amazing and the work you put into them is very appreciated. Oct 2, TroyX Thank you very much :D. Adhoc42 Hello! Kasumi boutique vendor have a question on how one of your CYOAs work.

Well two really. On the ascension meta, it mentions 10 resources transferring from transynth, but in the transynth CYOA I don't see anything called resources, just points. The points in transynth are also quite a bit more powerful than the other Icy veins swtor metas so I didn't figure that's what it meant.

Am I missing something? Sep 24, TroyX Transynth version 2 is not out yet.

Adhoc42 Ah gotcha, so the ascension meta is deed to work with version 2 stuff. Makes sense. Looking forward to the updates! Just wondering how things are going for you. Have you been staying safe? And have you come up with new ideas lately? Sep 22, TroyX Yep, everything's good here.

I have a couple My son wants to wear panties CYOA ideas, but haven't been motivated to make anything lately.

TroyX Haven't had the chance, I'll have to give it a looksee, thanks! Zediekiel and SpectralTime like this. Just wondering if you knew of any fics written based Babysitters movie nude your works? Been trying to find actual stories and not builds. Aug 8, MarkusFranz and Resonance like this.

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Resonance Thanks, been trying to find some Omega Lord tics. Aug 5, TroyX Hello! Glad you like my stuff! Thank you! And yeah, as I said, not a fan of the chan misuse myself. Jul 16, Jamiah Wilkins Hey Troy it's What question can only be asked upon reflection. I am just checking on you and wondering how you're doing in these difficult times. Jul 8, SpectralTime and TroyX like this.

TroyX Hey, I'm doing good, thanks :. SpectralTime likes this. Got the outline done up and am writing the first chapter. I always liked Keeper of Magic, it was the right balance of Soap stick stories to be fun but not so powerful you could roll over most settings. Jun 9, Vorian and TroyX like this.