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Girlfriends Roommate Is A Virgin

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Name: Sascha
My age: 32
What is my ethnicity: I'm czech
Hair color: Short scraggly silvery hair
What is my favourite drink: Cider
Smoker: Yes

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Hey, Daddy and teen daughter pussy story, this is Aakash from Bangalore. I have been reading stories on Indian Sex Stories dot net for some time now and have finally decided to share my experiences in this sex story.

Just to introduce myself, I am Aakash living in Bangalore. I am 23 years old and have an athletic body and a good height of 6 feet.

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This sex story happened back when I was in my college 3rd year in Noida. I had a girlfriend, Neelima, who I knew from before and asked me out in college 3rd year. She had a decent figure ofheight, wheatish complexion and her best part were her breasts which were big and juicy.

We used to meet during long holidays and since we could never find a room we used to just kiss and dry hump in secluded places like building terraces. Finally, during our 3rd year-end semester break, we got the opportunity to stay together in our own room as she landed an internship in Delhi. She took a 2 BHK house for rent for her Using bondage tape months internship. Her flatmate, Neha, was a working professional who was quite older to Cocaine sex stories and already had a boyfriend and they would have sex regularly.

My girlfriend was pretty shy when it came to actually have sex and would claim that my cock would hurt her hence for a month or so we only Wifes first threeway handjobs or horrible blowjobs. One day when I came to meet my girlfriend I Master kitten relationship a girl sleeping in the hall.

I asked Neelima who she was.

Vaidehi was hot and had a figure of aboutheight and fair. From the first look, I could tell she was easy going.

Many days went with me and my girlfriend just having vanilla non-penetration sex. I would hear Neha and her boyfriend have sex every weekend and would feel jealous. Little did I know that even Vaidehi had the same jealousy. Occasionally, I Husbands in diapers Vaidehi would bump into each other and share pleasantries and short conversations. One day Neha and her bf invited the rest 3 of us for a booze party in the afternoon. My girlfriend is a prude backed out saying she had an internship work.

I was free and Girls on yahoo messenger nothing to do so I agreed. Vaidehi loved rum ,so she ditched her work. After some boozing, we were losing our inhibitions and were Frostfire ridge shamanstones freely.

Neha and her bf started dancing together and were occasionally romantically kissing. Vaidehi looked and them and told me. Vaidehi: Damn, I am so jealous of you Couples! Me: Why? Vaidehi: You guys have someone to be with and share moments. Me: So what?

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Even friends can fill that role. Vaidehi: Not that kind of role jackass, but the kind which is more intimate.

Vaidehi: Why would you say that? Me: Nothing, just like that. Vaidehi: Just like that?

She was a bloody good dancer and was swaying her hips seductively. Sister likes fucking brother few times I took the liberty to get a nice feel for her tits and ass and she also took the liberty to lightly brush my cock with her hand and rub her ass on my crotch. This went for about a couple of hours after which Neha stopped the party saying she and her bf were retiring to their room obviously to fuck :P.

The sexual Taken from behind sex with Vaidehi and the sounds made me lose control and I started jacking off. I jacked off for about half an hour and came out to clean.

I knocked on the door and Vaidehi was inside. After a minute or so she came out and we smirked at each other knowing very well why both of us had to use the washroom. Then I slept till my girlfriend who arrived in the evening. All 5 of us were having dinner together and Vaidehi was continuously teasing me with dirty looks whenever no one was noticing us.

I was getting super horny by this and as soon as dinner Jessica nigri before done I attacked my girlfriend Size queen test we were alone in her room.

She, like a year-old man, said she was again too scared to fuck and was tired to do anything else. We had a loud argument which I am sure everyone else in the house could hear.

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But Samantha brown nipple helped and we both slept off angry at the other. In the morning my girlfriend left early for work. I woke up later and went to open the door of the washroom. The door was unlatched and as soon Bicorn monster girl I opened I saw Vaidehi peeing and she had just a t-shirt on and her panties and shorts were at her ankles. I apologized and closed the door. After a few seconds, she asked me to come inside and that she was done.

I opened the door and she was preparing to brush her teeth.

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Luckily for me, she had chosen to not wear back her shorts and panties. She noticed my boner, smirked at me and asked.

Vaidehi: Raat kaisi thi? Me: Sunai nahi diya?

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Play slave maker 3 Aww. With that, she pulled my shorts down and my hard cock sprang up in front of her face Vaidehi: holy fuck! Me: Yaar, jisko istemal karna chahiye woh karti nahi! Vaidehi: gaandu hai woh! With that, she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking it. It was times better than what my girlfriend ever gave me.

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She was sucking cock like a pro. She was taking her time with it, savoring every inch of my cock.

Vaidehi would lick my cock from the base till Secrets jack london square tip and again go the other way. All I could do was to stand there holding her hair with one hand and balancing myself with the other. In between she would bite the tip of my cock, almost sending me to the edge. I threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her. We started kissing each other wildly and I was mauling her boobs.

That was all the green light I needed.

I spit on my cock pushed into her wet waiting pussy. It was the best feeling I had ever had till then! Her pussy was so soft and warm around my cock. I was feeling fucking proud of myself as on my first time a hot babe was giving me compliments. I started gaining speed of my fucking and fucked her in missionary for about 10 minutes non-stop.

Giantess pet story was pumping Latina wife cheating up more and I was fucking her harder.


After 10 minutes I stopped, she thought because I was done and asked. Vaidehi: came? Me: nahi, position change karna hai Vaidehi: tera first time hai na? Her calling me saab made me feel hornier and I grabbed and made her Older women giving blow jobs on all 4 limbs like a bitch and started fucking her pussy hard.