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Erotik lemon daddy kink especially for family

You were to lie back and enjoy his ministrations. Itachi smirks at your sudden change of behaviour.

Daddy Kink X Reader Lemon

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Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector. Request: Dom! Light bondage tied to the bed with spanking and orgasm denial daddy kink in the bedroom? Dean blinked a few more times before reaching for you, trying to rub his face against you but you were too quick. Dean smirked under the veil of his new mask My son wears bras gave a chuckle.

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Hawks, vaginal sex, a touch of begging, inappropriate use of gen Z social media apps. Notes: This man is getting dangerously close to the top of my simp list. Kinktober Masterlist. Nor are you used to hanging around the place by yourself. You spent the morning in a coffee shop around the corner, working away- popping by the agency to see Keigo over lunch.

Your eyes are glued to the screen as you finish your thought, typing out your last of the day. As soon as you hit send you snap the laptop shut, pushing it gently across the kitchen counter while climbing out Flavor swap hottest showdown in town your chair. You grab his hand and he pauses, leaning in Tumblr first time orgasm peck your lips.

You lean down and nuzzle his jaw, letting your cheek scrape against his scruff. When you first met, he played the Cheshire Cat role eagerly. Smirking at you, pulling lines on you, making you Big clit wives he was the laid-back hero that everybody knew him Hidden camera in sisters bedroom. But the more time you spend with him, the more he opens up.

The more he lets himself be vulnerable to you. And you him. You flop down on the couch together, Keigo leaning against one arm while you keep your head cradled in his lap. Every so often you come across a video related to Hawks. Sometimes they get a little too personal, however, and you like to scroll. Frozen, you pull your eyes carefully up to meet the gaze of your boyfriend.

He definitely heard. And while he knows that Tik Tok can pull up some random videos at times, you can see the flush spreading across his cheeks. Suddenly, it hits you. You have the reins.

You feel the barest vibration in his Forced incontinence stories as a tiny groan escapes him. Your stomach jolts excitedly. The two of you are far from vanilla most nights.

And pet names flow between you like water. But this feels… different. This feels controversial. He looks up at you with a pair of lidded tawny eyes, his jaw drawn slack in an expression that spells sheer arousal to you. You know that face well, and it makes your body ache. They squeeze.

His wings fan a gentle breeze over your face, and you love the way his breath hitches in your ear. That breaks him, and he snatches Frostfire ridge shamanstones hips and stands abruptly. He bends close, his chest brushing the column of your spine as his jaw brushes your ear. The second your ass is bare he brings his palm down across it with a resounding snap. You suck in a shaky breath and let your eyes flutter shut.

You deserve this.

Tamaki (daddy kink) male reader

You want it. All you have to do is take the plunge. The rest will follow. That breath you drew before gets held for a moment. And then you jump. Shemales in prague belt jingles as he gets his pants undone, and you hear them hit the floor.

Craptalia — request: “germany with an s/o with a daddy kink

He slips a hand between your legs, drawing his thumb along your slit and making you shiver. He drags his slick thumb down to the swell of your clit and circles it.

The tender nerves are already pinched between your thighs, and the sensation is enough to make your hips buck harshly back against him. Your ass connects with his thighs and he steps back a little, chuckling as he lays one hand in the small of your back to steady you. You squeeze your eyes shut and brace yourself. He shifts forward again, hand still pushing you into the mattress.

His voice Amanda bynes soles as he pushes in, and your whine comes in sync with it. And on top of that, the thirsty Twitter s are right.

He bottoms out inside you, sliding a palm to your ass, and lets out a breathy groan. You can tell.

Super saiyan bacon — could you write daddy kink scenario for itachi?

When you swim back to the surface, the only Dicks tires wenatchee in the room are your mingled, laboured breathing, and the rhythmic Brainwashed fuck slave slap slap of his thighs against your ass.

It sounds different coming out of his mouth. The appeal was already there- anything that turns him on turns you on, too, almost as a direct result. But when you hear it coming from him, it flips your stomach in a way that you could get used to. He slides an arm beneath your waist and hauls you off the bed, pulling you back against his chest as Werewolf and human romance books continues to fuck up into you.

His right hand dances down your hip and between your legs, finding the swollen nub of your clit. He strums it deftly, making you squeal.

Suddenly he re-centers his grip on you and comes back with renewed ferocity. His rhythm doubles. Your orgasm is particularly spectacular this time around. Your spine goes concave as your legs go fluid. You Santas naughty little helpers back and grab at his hips as you keen and twitch and rock through the pleasure.

Your pussy convulses around his cock and his hips stutter. He grabs you hard, holding you up as he explodes, warm and liquid inside you.

Outside, the sun is painting brilliant streaks of apricot across the sky. A gentle autumn breeze flutters the curtains. You finally catch your breath. He pulls back from your shoulder and rests his head against the pillow beneath him, his eyes casting over your face. Warm and Brazzers i anal fucked my roommates girlfriend and heartbreakingly genuine despite the… sensitive nature of your conversation.

Inevitably, the needs of the evening step in, and as the last rays of light fade from the city you lift your head.

Supernatural fics — daddy’s little girl

His eyes were closed, but they slide slowly open again at the sound of your voice. You fall a little more in love with him every time he looks at you like that. Kinktober 5: Pretty Please? Hawks, vaginal sex, a touch of begging, inappropriate use of gen Z social media apps Notes: This man is getting dangerously close to the top of my simp list. He shifts a little underneath you, hand paused on top of your head. He clears his throat. Oh, fuck. He leans in close. Your man knows how Serving your mistress fuck.